Custom Ceramic Glazes

Robus Ceramics Custom Glazes

There is no one-size-fits all approach to developing successful glazes. With every project, our technical know-how and careful attention to detail are applied throughout the hand-dipped glazing process; allowing us to meet any design specification to the highest possible standard.

You will see some of our Metallic & Pewter Glazes on our Projects page.

Everything we produce is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Everything we produce is quality checked to ensure you only get the highest quality finish every time. The finish we provide is fully weather proof regardless of colour shape or size.

Below you will find the following: Reactive, Translucent, Pewter, Textured Pewter in various different colours. We are able to produce many shades of colours not seen here upon request so please do not hesitate to ask us via out Contact page.

Turquoise Reactive Glazes

Turquoise Reactive


Green Translucent Glazes

Green Translucent


Gold / Bronze Pewter Glazes

Gold / Bronze Pewter


Regular Pewter Glazes

Regular Pewter


Gold Textured Pewter Glazes

Gold Textured Pewter


Textured Peweter Glazes

Textured Pewter


Variable Green Reactive Glazes

Variable Green Reactive


Brown Translucent Glazes

Brown Translucent