Rainscreen Cladding

Robus Ceramics Glazed Rainscreen Cladding Options

Our Glazed Rainscreen Cladding systems allow us to offer a large spectrum of ceramic glazes which can be applied to various tile surfaces and specialist facade systems.

Below are two examples of our Glazed Rainscreen Cladding systems, Pewter Glaze (Argob Buchtal) & Textured Pewter (Lockclad Sigma), all of our bespoke finishes are quality checked before they are dispatched.

Please contact us to find out more about glazed rain screen cladding, glazed terracotta rain screen cladding, glazed specialist facades, glazed rain screen facades or even our brick slip cladding systems.

We are able to provide samples of any particular tiles via post upon request. If you were looking into creating your own bespoke style we are able to manufacture various shapes, sizes and colours. Visit our our Projects page for some more examples of our works.

Jerwood Gallery Argob Buchtal Glazed Rainscreen Cladding

Jerwood Gallery, Argob Buchtal


Mandeville Hospital Lockclad Sigma Glazed Rainscreen Cladding

Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Lockclad Sigma


Agrob Buchtal Glazed Rainscreen Cladding fitting

Agrob Buchtal

Supplied by E.H. Smiths Facades Ltd, Machine Ventilated Facade System

Lockclad Sigma Glazed Rainscreen Cladding Fitting

Lockclad Sigma

Supplied by Forterra, Machine made ventilated facade systems